Wednesday, December 19

1st Rising Star of the week is… Mahendhiran M

Hello, Lets begin the way Mahendhiran describes about himself:

A child was born, fine and healthy.

He had everything, a nose, a mouth, a chin,
His parents decided to call him Mahendhiran.

He grew up very happy and was crazy about playing PC, PS2 Games.

He then studied, Animation and Visual effects.

He really wanted to do something more with it, because it was his passion and interest.

During which 3D movies, 3D Episodes, 3D Games appeared all around, and he started to explore them.
After a year he became an Animator!!!

The Story will be Continued…

He is our 1st Rising Star of 1st week – Mahendhiran M. 3D Animator & Rigger by profession!

A brief about him:

SPECIALIZATION : 3D Animation & Rigging

  • Character Animation (Body animation as well as lip sync
  • Create Camera motion, move inanimate objects through space
  • Understanding of Animation principles such as squash-and-stretch,
  • Overlapping action,Anticipation, Follow-Through,Weight,Timing,etc.




Mahendhiran M Resume.docx

  • Estate Boy – Worked as a 3D animator in “estate boy” a T.V show from Malaysia.
  • Lyca mobile Ad – Worked as a 3D character animator for an advertisement from a U.K based company.
  • Apps Created for Play School – Worked as a 3D animator, creating animated alphabets and animals  It’s an app created for pre-school children.
  • AVATAR – Worked as a 3D animator for  a project from an Hong Kong based company. It was a project which used kinect device animation.
  •  SUTRULA – Worked as a 3D animator for a Kollywood  film. Created various animations for   a  Pig character.
  • GULLIVERS AND THE LILLIPUTS film – Worked as a 3D animator for a film produced by PentaMedia, Chennai which was released in late 2013.Created animations for the Villain of the movie.
  • JUNGLE HEROES – Worked as a 3D animator for an endless runner game developed for mobile devices using Unity 3D. Created all the animations for the main character “Mickey”.
  • FANTASY CRICKET LEAUGE – Worked as a 3D animator for a cricket game developed using Unity 3D for mobile devices and for   FACEBOOK.  Created  all the animations for bowler, fielders , batsmen, umpire and cheer girl character, in the game.