Annual Anima Mundi intl. animation festival at Rio de Janeiro from July 26 to 30


The annual Anima Mundi international animation festival will  kick off at Rio de Janeiro on July 26.  it wil boast of a global guest list, workshops, courses, panels and programme as well as 470 films from 45 countries (70 from Brazil). The event, in its 25th year, will run up to July 30.

“Animation is a very empathetic thing, right? We see Felix Cat, who was one of the first, still recognized, Betty Boop, Mickey Mouse, Snow White, is a movie that is almost current, you show to a child nowadays and she does not notice the difference in a modern movie,” said festival founder Marcos Magalhaes.

“So, it’s something that is very much in the memory of people, everyone is very fond of animation and since the first festival we felt this, we had touched a very sensitive vein, that people wanted to see animation and, more than that, people wanted to make animation,” he added.

The year also marks the centenary of animation in the country as the first recorded Brazilian animated film dates to 1917 with cartoonist Alvaro Martins’ O Kaiser.

In addition to 182 films screening in the competition section, the programme will include a number of historical pieces honouring both the 100 year mark and the festival’s landmark anniversary.


This includes works curated by the Museum of Modern Art in (MAM) Rio and Cinemateca Brasileira in Sao Paulo.