30th anniversary of Disney’s Oilspot and Lipstick on July 28


This July 28, completes 30 years of Disney’s first fully-CG animated short Oilspot and Lipstick

Many of our readers may not be knowing that thirty years ago on July 28, 1987 at the SIGGRAPH conference  in Anaheim, California, Disney had released its first fully-CG animated short, Oilspot and Lipstick.

All these years, the anniversary of the CG animated short with some event or another. But, this anniversary won’t be marked by many people.

The short, as far as reports say was not released to the general public.

In the animated piece, Oilspot and Lipstick are two small mechanical “junk” dogs who are threatened by a junk monster. The film, directed by Mike Cedeno, had actually been produced a year or two earlier, but released at SIGGRAPH in 1987.

Though it was Disney’s first full-CG short, the studio had experimented with computer animation techniques and incorporated CG elements into other projects it made in the early- and mid-1980s.

Among those projects were the 1982 live-action feature Tron, a 1983 test by John Lasseter and Glen Keane that combined hand-drawn characters with computer-generated backgrounds, and the 1986 feature The Great Mouse Detective which incorporated computer-generated backgrounds in the climactic clocktower finale.