ABAI Fest is now Bengaluru GAFX Conference

ABAI, the non-profit organisation which has been committed to developing animation, VFX and gaming industry, ABAI has been organising its annual event ABAI Fest and KAVGC Summit since the last few years, is currently preparing for this year’s fest.

Organised at a named hotel in Bengaluru, this event is backed by the extensive support of the Government of Karnataka, Dept. of IT, BT, S&T.

However, this year few things have changed and it starts with the name itself. The festival which used to be known as ABAI Fest and KAVGC Summit has been rechristened as Bengaluru GAFX Conference.

The event is not only a congregation of animation, VFX and gaming studios, but also production houses, industry veterans, professionals, students, academia and technology partners.

The event strives to attract top subject matter experts, studios, production houses, game developers and the best content and projects from the world over to provide exposure and know-how to the professionals, artists and students.

The event offers one of its kind platform for professionals, artists and students to showcase their talent, get recognised on India’s largest platform and connect with top employers from all over the world. The endeavour is to enrich, energise, inspire and create a vibrant ecosystem.

It’s not just the name that has been changed. Along with it, this year, the organisation plans to run an Animation Film Festival in the city of Bengaluru parallely which would be open to all. In this, they intend to showcase animated movies which might not have been released in India earlier

Bengaluru GAFX Conference is set to take place at The Lalit Ashok from 12 to 14 May, this year.