After acquisition of Dreamworks Animation a new micro-series comes up


With it being taken over by Comcast/NBCUniversal recently, there has been a major shake-up at DreamWorks Animation.

Capturing this shake-up is a new animated micro-series Disrupted created by director Brian Newlin and inspired by his own experiences. It was launched in collaboration with Nimble Collective’s Virtual Studio Service Platform.

 Disrupted is set in a real-life coffee shop (Backyard Coffee in Redwood City, California), depicting the events in the life of an animated avatar of Newlin: Ben a 40 something unexpectedly out of work animator on a disillusioned and absurd path back to the work force.

To follow the episodes posted in a blog format, one can follow the series at and take advantage of the subtle dischord of 3D characters on live-action background plates to drive home the disoriented hero’s narrative.