ADD Joins Hands with Mark Simon, Jeanne Simon and Max Howard

Animation Digital Digest Joins Hands with Mark Simon, Jeanne Simon and Max Howard to Support the Animation Industry in India and Rest of the Asia to Grow and strengthen their roots for many years to come through Sell Your TV Concept Now – WEBINARS.

“We help you to sell your TV show!”

Now You are Thinking How is this possible???

With a special partnership between Mark Simon’s Sell Your TV Concept Now and ADD, ADD brings to you a range of Mark and Max Downloadable WEBINAR’s rite at your door step to help you sell your shows to the Networks. ADD gives their subscribers a huge lucrative offer which is hard to miss but fast to go out!

Avail Mark Simon, Jeanne Simon and Max Howard Webinars and take your show to the next big level.

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Max Howard is an (Iron) Giant in the animation business.

His movies have grossed more than $3 billion worldwide and have won 13 Oscars!
Plus, he set up two animation studios for Disney and worked with industry heavyweights like Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Mark Simon and Telly

Mark Simon has turned his animation addiction into a profitable passion.

Mark has worked on over 4,000 productions, landed over 30 distribution deals (Comedy Central, Nicktoons, G4), written 10 industry books and won over 100 international awards for projects he has produced and directed.

His latest animation project, FOX’s Tooth Fairy 2, just came out on DVD.
He’s produced animations for Nickelodeon, Disney and others.
His animated and live-action production credits are over 4,000 and counting.
He’s won over 100 international awards including the Grand Prize in the Nicktoons Film Festival.
He’s written 10 industry books, including Producing Independent 2D Character Animation

Get inspired, get psyched, hear answers from Max and Mark!

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