Adobe releases next generation of Photoshop


Adobe has released details of a new Photoshop tool that it has created to make drawing vector shapes and masks easier and quicker.The new Curvature Pen tool is a new option under the Pen tool in the Tools panel.

As one clicks to add points, it draws curves between them. Double clicking gives a corner point.


One can add, move or delete paths afterwards without changing tools thus simplifying the path creation process.

Though it’s unusual, it is not unheard of for Adobe to release sneaks of new features away from large-scale launches, exhibitions like IBC and its own Max and Summit conferences.

On the last Summit in May, it showed off a Sky Replacement tool and eople expect to hear about many new features at its forthcoming Adobe Max 2017 conference in Las Vegas.

Adobe hasn’t declared yet as to when the pen would be ready to use, but the company only says that the feature is coming to a future version of Photoshop though that usually means it’ll be in the next version.