Tuesday, February 19

Amazon aims at the Content Architects with the Video Direct service

amazon-video-direct-mainAmazon aims at Content Creators like Mattel to publish their creations on its Video Direct service earning Royalty on the basis of the time streamed by their Prime Users…

The cyberspace mammoth initiates Amazon Video Direct (AVD), a service that shall concede content architects to stream their creations to the Amazon Prime members at no extra cost.

This service will also be accessible by the 5 month old streaming partners program as an add-on at one time rental/investment apart from the Prime subscribers in the form of ad-supported platform.

Royalties will be received by the creators on the grounds of the time the video is being streamed along with the choice of streaming their creations in the US, the UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Details regarding the monetary terms is not yet out. Although it has come to knowledge that the names associated with this service would include MCN StyleHaul, Conde Nast, Mattel, Samuel Goldwyn Films and How Stuff Works.

Amazon has been seen attracting creators and this service will be a great reputation builder as far as premium content is concerned.

The SVOD scene has been divided into two segments. One of which are the premium ones like the cable platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. These are commissioners and purchase programmers much related to the classical TV broadcasters.

Reports say, Amazon already has 54 million subscribers in the US, closer to the subscribers of Netflix, although this refers to the subscribers using the entire range of Prime’s Services and not necessarily those regularly using the SVOD service.

Yet, the Amazon has been praised and has received varied awards for their authentic content. And through AVD, quality control is been given by Amazon which is likely to access the creators to bring stacks of fans along with them.

To motivate the creative wizards, AVD Stars has been introduced by Amazon which shall give a share of US $1 million per month based on the customer engagement along with their titles.

AVD users who shall create and produce videos, making their titles available for the Prime Video will be enrolled automatically. Amazon will also hand out the bonus amongst the top 100 AVD titles along with the other revenues earned.