Amazon Studios greenlights production of preschool musical show ‘Do, Re & Mi’

Do Re & Mi_Copyright

Amazon Studios has greenlit for production a new Amazon Original, the animated lyrical series for preschoolers, Do, Re & Mi, from Gaumont, Jackie Tohn, Michael Scharf, Ivan Askwith, and Kristen Bell.  The announcement was made by Nicolas Atlan, President of Animation, Gaumont, and Melissa Wolfe, Head of Kids Programming, Amazon Studios.

 “This series will be such a wonderful addition to our Amazon Kids preschool portfolio and we couldn’t ask for better creative partners than Gaumont and the musical talents of this producing team,” said Wolfe.

“In addition to its beautiful storytelling and character design, the show takes an innovative approach to musical curriculum which will inspire our youngest customers to create their own language around music,” Wolfe further stated.

Created by Tohn and Scharf, every episode of Do, Re & Mi starts with an adventure and ends in a song, featuring original tracks performed by Bell (Princess Anna in Disney’s Frozen), Tohn, and other surprise guests.

“Naturally, we are thrilled to move into production on Do, Re & Mi with Amazon Studios, a series that takes kids music to another level that both kids and their parents will be excited about,” commented Atlan.

Executive producers Bell, Tohn, Scharf, and Askwith explained, “What excites us most about Do, Re & Mi is helping kids discover the power of music in more engaging ways: through storytelling, singing, and ultimately, by making music themselves. When kids are exposed to music education at a young age, it doesn’t just make them more musical – it can actually help in areas ranging from critical thinking and collaboration to creativity and self-confidence. Music has been so critical and beneficial in each of our lives. Through Do, Re & Mi, we’re hoping to share that with millions of kids around the world!”

Do, Re & Mi is about three birdy best friends named who live in a world filled with rhythm, beats, and melodies. Along with their day-to-day adventures, the characters model ways for parents and young kids to talk about music and connect these ideas to their social-emotional development. Every episode will feature an original song.

Formed in 1895, Gaumont is the oldest film company in the world, with offices in Paris and Los Angeles.