Animation is all about expressing yourself!

Hi Folks,

It’s good to be back with writing about animation after a long period of time and a successive group called crazy animators in Orkut. Well Orkut is finished and so as the animation has taken a big leap and is constantly changing it’s flow like a river.

What we know animation today is altogether different from the times of Disney & Warner bros!!

A lot has changed! be it in contents, story development and presentation. Lot of technologies has been introduced and a lot are coming soon.

Well animation may have changed its cloths and medium with the time but the basics of animation is still the same i.e. “Animation is altogether about expressing yourself”!
Believe me friends after a long successful production career in animation; it’s been always about how I am able to express myself through my animations. Animation is simple to understand yet difficult to implement..

There has been a lot of wrong ways which have popped up along with the progress of animation and those are nothing but ignorance and silly mistakes which we make. In some companies it is like working in a factory where we artist go as laborers and finish our daily task which has been assigned to us.

But what artists are becoming day by day is nobody cares, there is much less personal space and unfortunately bad marriages as well.

Well we are here to learn about expressing yourself as an animator, so let’s focus on that!
As we watch films we love the characters in it and we try to relate them with us , with our life.

The best part is that as animators you have to act as well as you have to be good entertainer as well by yourself, as boring people would make boring animators! So it is always advised that while animating one should try to bring out his child in him out and should think like a child and act as one. As our main audience is children so it is important that we follow them.

Another important fact is that when animating don’t forget that you are an creative person, so what I mean is always try to make something unique and different which has been never used before or which might work with the children.

Always remember that we are entertainers and it is our responsibility that we entertain effectively!

I hope you got my point! And I will be posting something animation whenever I get time. Till then I will take your leave.