Author: Dhruv Joshi

The Jungle Book Trailer Review

Ever since Disney made the announcement of The Jungle Book remake. There has been too much hype in the media about this movie. So Disney decided to show off it's first trailer in it's D23 expo and as we expected it blew our minds. This remake of jungle book is a mixture of CGI and Live action. It's being directed by Jon Favreau, who previously directed big budget films like Iron Man and Iron Man 2. He also directed content driven films like Chef. When I heard that Jon is directing the new jungle book movie. I couldn't hold my excitement. He is one of the finest directors out there and in my opinion no one could have pulled it off better than him. (more…)

A look inside an animator

Animation, Tips & Tricks
Hi, My name is Dhruv Joshi. I am a 3D animator. I want to share a story with you. Story of a boy who was obsessed with cartoon movies. Story of a boy who believed that Tom and Jerry do exist in real world. A boy who considered Mickey Mouse as his best friend. But as he grew up he realized that it’s just a fantasy world. He couldn't deal with the fact that all his childhood heroes are nonexistent. His world turned upside down when he faced this reality. But he kept his cool. He didn't let anyone notice that there is a war going inside him. With time he got used to the chaos inside him. (more…)