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The Power of Animation — > Prof. Prabhas Chandra Pandey

  In this 21st century where everything is changing so fast, communication needs it own pace and design to cope up moreover communication has become the most important phenomena to step ahead further and its design works to reach as maximum as can. Animation & Multimedia play this super role to design the communication in an infotainment, edutainment and entertaining way. Right from first newspaper in the morning to the last facebook status everything is designed to reach audiences and make a mark with them. (more…)

Various Image File Format System (HELP MENU Info)

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AVI Files The AVI (Audio-Video Interleaved) format is the Windows standard for movie files. The .avi file-name extension indicates a Windows AVI movie file. BMP Files BMP files are still-image bitmap files in the Windows bitmap (.bmp) format. CIN (Kodak Cineon) Files A file format that stores a single frame of a motion picture or video data stream. Each frame is saved as cineon version 4.5 with a CIN file-name extension. The file contains no user-defined data such as a thumbnail, and supports 10-bit log, and three colors per pixel. Alpha channels are not supported. (more…)

Random Thoughts on 3DS Max (Internet Info)

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In the beginning, 3D graphics software was expensive and was running on expensive SGI machines. It was used by few large (read: rich) companies that could afford it. A whole culture was born, but there were very few people that could afford to learn and use this software... Then in 1990 Autodesk 3D Studio came along (and Lightwave later jumped from Amiga to PC). That's when 3D became "affordable", but not as cheap as MS Word... When 3D Studio MAX 1.0 came out in 96, it had the same price as today. Autodesk 3D Studio already had more users than ALL other 3D packages combined, not counting the illegal followers which were probably millions. (more…)

.3ds file formate (Internet Info)

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.3ds Not to be confused with the name of the file format of Nintendo 3DS game files. 3DS Max file Filename extension .3ds, .max Internet media type application/x-3ds, image/x-3ds Magic number 4D 4D (hex), MM (ASCII) Developed by Autodesk Inc. Type of format 3D file formats 3DS is one of the file formats used by the Autodesk 3ds Max 3D modeling, animation and rendering software. (more…)

3D Studio Max Hotkeys Quick Reference (Internet Info)

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  When using 3D Studio Max, its always important to become more efficient the more you progress. A keyfactor in that is learning hotkeys. Autodesk will give you a handy dandy reference cube when you order 3D Studio Max 2009, with a bunch of common hotkeys and shortcuts on each one of the six sides. I have listed out a few of those hotkeys and shortcuts so you can use this as a quick reference while using 3ds Max. (more…)

Few of 3DS Max Version History (Internet Info)

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3ds Max - Version history Version 3.0.30 - April 29th 2014 Changes added support for Max 2015 re-added support for Max 2011 Max double-sided materials are exported as front/back face materials added pre- and post-animation behaviors to referenced MXS nodes added controls for selecting the padding and format of MXS sequences added region rendering controls to cameras added support for hue adjustment to MxBitmap (more…)

The History of 3D Studio – Gary Yost interview (Internet Info)

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The History of 3D Studio – Gary Yost interview By Dave Baker, Neil Blevins, Pablo Hadis and Scott Kirvan Foreword In this double feature we have the great pleasure to present you with the history of 3D Studio as related by the head and leader of the Yost Group: Gary Yost himself. Gary shares his experiences of more than a decade of 3D Studio and 3DS Max development, along with many unique facts and anecdotes gained from his personal perspective as captain of the ship. In addition, he also takes a look at the evolution, current state and future of the CG Industry. For this occasion we are accompanied by the esteemed collaboration of Spanish artist José María De Espona, who had a prominent role in the creation of art that was used by Autodesk for 3D Studio’s promotion. José María shar

An Interview with Mr. Santosh Seshabhattar

  Santosh, our reader would like to know about yourself and how CG became a part of your life? Hello everyone! I am Santosh Seshabhattar. I am a Digital Compositor at Zoic studios, Vancouver. Spideman trilogy (Sam Raimi's) and the Matrix made a huge impact on my career choice. I was always passionate about films and especially the quality of the visual effects work done in hollywood and I always wanted to be here. (more…)