Author: Ashish Mitra

Disney’s Q2-16 shows 9.8% hike with $340 million revenue growth

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Comparing to the last year’s quarter, the Walt Disney Company Inc. (Disney) reported 9.8% year-over-year (y-o-y) growth in the operating income, i.e., $3,822 million  for the second quarter ended on 2nd April, 2016 (Q2-16, current year). Disney witnessed a growth of $340 million in the operating revenue in its current quarter versus the corresponding quarter of previous year. (more…)

Disney to eliminate ‘Infinity’ from its existence!

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“Disney’s toy-to-life franchise ‘Disney Infinity’ to shut down,” announces the SVP and GM of Disney Infinity, John Blackburn. Along with the closure of toy-to-life franchise, Disney shall also delete its software subsidiary, Avalanche Software with a loss of 300 jobs. While closing on its production lines, Disney shall give out licenses to third party developers for the same. (more…)

Amazon aims at the Content Architects with the Video Direct service

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Amazon aims at Content Creators like Mattel to publish their creations on its Video Direct service earning Royalty on the basis of the time streamed by their Prime Users... The cyberspace mammoth initiates Amazon Video Direct (AVD), a service that shall concede content architects to stream their creations to the Amazon Prime members at no extra cost. (more…)