Bandai Namco launches new trailer of 2D fighting game Dragon Ball Fighter Z


Bandai Namco recently launched a new trailer of the upcoming 2D fighting game Dragon Ball Fighter Z on Facebook and it looks like the game is shaping up to be a fully-furnished, story-and-gameplay rich experience that is well worth every Dragon Ball and/or Fighting game aficionado’s taste.


Firstly, is the reveal of new playable characters. So the complaint that the roster is pretty thin by modern fighting game standards no longer holds up.

Besides Piccolo and Krillin, which you will see in action in the trailer as they unleash their signature moves one after the other, we also get Androids 16 and 18.

Don’t be fooled by 17’s appearance in the video thumbnail, he’s only there as part of Android 18’s super attack.

Although considering how popular 17 is after his re-appearance in Dragon Ball Super, we won’t be too surprised if he does turn out to be a playable character.

Next is the hint of a powerful boss in the game’s story mode.