BIG Interview: Rahul Gadiya, Shares Storyline & Characters of his new show ‘GAJNIKANT’!

Animation Digital Digest got into an extensive Interview with Rahul Gadiya, CEO Gateway aniMedia Works (GMV) to get insights on his new show that’s making rounds of internet off-late in animation industry!

Rahul Gadiya, CEO Gateway aniMedia Works (GMV)
Rahul Gadiya, CEO Gateway aniMedia Works (GMV)

Please tell us about your studio, the kinds of work undertaken at Studio?
Gateway aniMedia Works (GMW) is a 10 year old 2D Animation Studio having client servicing offices in USA/CANADA/EUROPE with production facilities in India.

We are known as a “low cost – high quality” studio. Apart from animation, we have got strong expertise in Animation, App & Game development.

We have created 9 original IPs till date and we also offer services for Animation, App & Game Development.

Please share about the concept and story line, characters of new show?


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The sleepy town of Kunderagad has its own share of local baddies, corrupt outsiders and maniacal scientists who aim to prey on the innocents of Kunderagad. But when they set out to do it…

Lights! Camera! Yaaktion!!! Yanter the young, dynamic, daring pint sized “wunder-buaayyy” Gajnikant whose every step oozes style and whose fiery frown can sizzle up the iciest of drinks. Gajnikant, lover of Southern masala brings the same chutzpah to his encounters and manages to steer even disadvantages to his benefit using his uber-human powers that he gained thanks to a freak brush with some Yennada chemicals.

Tutored by ex-stuntman Bada Bomman and bolstered by the bad-poet-but-best-friend Sheru, Gajnikant fights or zimbly uses his charisma and disco fever to raise the heat for rogues and send them packing from Kundergad.

 Why did you choose this concept and story line?
There are lot of superhero/superheroine characters which you can clearly distinguish from a common boy/girl in terms of their looks and behaviour. We wanted to come up with a concept wherein a normal next door boy can easily identify himself with the character.  And that’s how Gajnikant came to life.

This sharp-featured, dark-complexioned, twelve year old boy who was originally named Gajender Singh by his doting father inherited his love for the masala flicks of the Indian film industry from his mother and rechristened himself to Gajnikant!

A fluke accident turns this boy into an actual hero with some wonderful powers and he doesn’t need to activate any gadget or eat or drink anything to become superhero.

His action, his style and his hard hitting dialogues are some of the differentiating factors. He loves movies, dancing and like every other kid he loves to have lots of fun but at the same time we also felt that it’s very important that we cultivate good behaviour, habits & mannerisms in an entertaining way. Hence you will find Gajnikant advocating to have healthy food avoid roadside food. At the same time he respects elders and his love for his mother has no bounds.

How much time did it take to create the story line for this series?
We have been conceiving this concept since 2009 but we finally started with the story line & development in 2012.

When did you start working on the series? At what stage has the series reached?
We started development in 2012 & currently we have released couple of episodes over internet to test the market. We are very keen to know how the audience is receiving this show and based on that we will be further developing the series. We just don’t want to focus on animation series, instead we want to create a sustainable brand whose powers can be leveraged to games, merchandise, endorsements etc.

 The series is aimed at which audience?
6 year old onwards. Even adults are finding it hilarious.

 We would like to know about the look and feel given to the series?

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Please put light on the dialogues that would be heard in the series?
GK – Iss nanima par kia tumne atyachar………..Ab GK dalega tum sabka achaar!!

GK – Pant hai white, belt swooper tight,…..Wrong ho Right, jo Gk kare fight! Yeppadi …jujubey !!!

What medium of animation is used for the series? Please elaborate more on the look and feel?
We have developed this series in 2D (combination of traditional & digital animation techniques).

 Do you have any tie-ups with the distributors or broadcasters? What is the marketing and promotion plan?
We are open to look at acquisition deals from distributors/broadcasters. At the same time we are very much keen to release it in internet

What is the USP of the series?
The central character is just like a boy next door  who is like a common boy as well as more powerful than a conventional super hero. This is the main aspect of the show.

What are your expectations with the series?
We definitely expect this to be a huge hit which gives us opportunity to develop and leverage the brand on a massive scale.

On which channels will it be seen?
We are open for deals with broadcasters. As of now couple of episodes are available on internet. 

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