Tuesday, February 19

BreakingPoint wins VES Award for Outsanding VFX in Student Project


Animationsinstitut at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg and their diploma project BreakingPoint, which was directed by Martin Lapp and produced by Anica Maruhn (live action) and Tobias Gerginov (live action) as well as Francesco Faranna (effects producing),  won a VES Award for “Outstanding Visual Effects in a Student Project” at yesterday’s ceremony.

Only four days ago, Andreas Feix – who also won yet another VES laurel with his team from MPC Advertising for John Lewis; Buster the Boxer – claimed the Annie Award in the “Best Student Project” category with his diploma film Citipati.

BreakingPoint, which already took the honors as “Best Student Project” at SIGGRAPH Asia last December, is an outstanding example of interdisciplinary team work: the short film was realized in cooperation between students from the Animationsinstitut and the Advertising Film department at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

A live-action short with integrated 3D computer elements, BreakingPoint tells the story of a complicated birth, translating the concept of hysterical strength – the display of seemingly superhuman strength in life and death situations – into a gripping storyline. The film, which is already available on YouTube, continues to captivate award juries and online/festival audiences with its economical and convincing employment of breath-taking VFX.

Three of the nominees – Johannes Franz (Lead Technical Director), Nicole Rothermel (Technical Director) und Thomas Sali (VFX Set Supervisor/Art Director) – as well as Martin Lapp and Francesco Faranna attended the ceremony and accepted the prize in person.

In addition to BreakingPoint, two further Filmakademie projects exhibited such a high level of professionalism and technical finesse that they earned themselves a VES student nomination: Even though the teams didn’t collect the prestigious distinction, they joined the red carpet: All in all 14 students and alumni mingled at both the Annie and the VES Awards, underscoring the international presence of the Animationsinstitut and the potency of the Institute’s practice – and project-oriented curriculum.