Calm Island launches learning adventure series


Calm Island has launched Bada’s Learning Adventure that features popular characters like Badanamu. The feature will teach reading, music, science, math, coding and art for children aged between 2 and 8.


Bada’s Learning Adventure features over 50,000 activities and exercises organized into structured learning paths that children can explore, and will be available as a subscription-based model in English, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish and Italian with other language support in development.

The robust content features over 200 animated music videos featuring 2-3 minute songs that match the learning topic; 90+ interactive HD storybooks that connect with BLE/optical reader technology and feature interactive elements on each page; 500+ educational activities and games, featuring over 10,000 hours of play; proprietary BLE/NFC APIs and hardware for phonics learning; and Talk and Trace activities that utilize the Badanamu Learning Pen to let kids draw letters, numbers, and symbols; and 200+ workbooks.

Bada’s Learning Adventure is designed to meet international standards where English is a second language and within the USA state standards such California’s Pre K have been benchmarked. Featuring an adaptive learning system to optimize the learning process, each child in a family can create a profile to access their own content, allowing them to pick up from where they left off on any given activity.  The app allows parents to check on their child’s progress, comparing from previous exercises, and compare charts with classmates or other age groups. With safety as a priority, parents can protect their children’s accounts and control access through a feature called Kid Lock.

This is available at App Store and Google Play. More information is also available at www.

The world of Badanamu was created in 2011 as a pre-school learning programme with short videos featuring the characters first launching in 2013 distributed by VOD partners including YouTube, Alibaba, Naver, Roku, and Amazon, amongst others.

Till date, over 200 videos have received over 3 billion views including over 730 million views on YouTube.

The Badanamu universe has also evolved to include a 52 x 11’ CG-animated series, Badanamu Cadets, which will be available to buyers at MIPJunior and MIPCOM for the first time this year.

This has been pre-sold to France’s Lagardere Active for its Gulli and Tiji channels, and Cartoonito, Italy.

“We have already engaged million of fans with the characters of Badanamu and we have spent the past two years developing and producing Bada’s Learning Adventure and the Badanamu Cadets TV series which will take their engagement with the characters to a whole new level,” averred David Roberts, CEO, Calm Island. “Bada’s Learning Adventure is a full pre-K learning platform that uses the Badanamu characters and technologies such as voice recognition and AR to drive children’s interaction and learning development, providing a personalized learning experiences that monitors everything that a child does and provides real deliverables for parents to understand their child’s progress,” he added.

The CG-series Badanamu Cadets currently under production with season one set for delivery in  June 2018, introduces a team of six dynamic, creative, and intrepid heroes-in-training who must work together to protect the balance of nature in Badanamu.

Combating the scheming plots and dark plans of the troublemaking Grumbles, our heroes never meet a challenge they can’t overcome, a mystery they can’t solve, or a disaster they can’t avert.