Cameras of Blackmagic Design capture Maldonado’s new music video


Global singing sensation Kirstin Maldonado’s new music video was shot using 15 Blackmagic Design cameras, it is reported by Blacmagic.

The cameras used to record the video for her new song Naked included a number of URSA Mini 4.6K and URSA Mini Pro digital film cameras besides Micro cinema cameras, pocket cinema cameras and a studio camera 4K that were all shooting simultaneously.


Kirstin Maldonado is a Grammy award-winning multi-platinum singer, songwriter and one-fifth of the a cappella group Pentatonix.

Her first solo EP, L O V E, that debuted in the summer of 2017, quickly moved up the charts. The song “Naked” is the third single off of the EP and the music video for the song has been viewed by millions around the globe.

Directed by Daniel Carberry and shot by DP Corey Jennings, the black and white video captured an old Hollywood glamour look and feel and was shot to give a sense of being vulnerable and what it means to be naked in front of the world.

Throughout the shoot of the video, Kirstin was surrounded by microphones and cameras which represent the world watching her and capturing her every move.


Surrounding Kirstin were 15 Blackmagic Design cameras that acted not only as props, but also captured footage. Jennings and Carberry set up the cameras so that each one shot Kirstin from a different angle and in different lighting; they also filmed Kirstin’s image in the cameras’ monitors.

During the shoot, which was done in a single day, all 15 Blackmagic Design cameras were recording at the same time even though production only included a handful of operators.

“The video is about being open to the world and the world seeing you in different ways. But we thought much bigger than a single camera capturing images one at a time. We literally surrounded Kirstin with Blackmagic Design cameras and had them rolling all at the same time. It was a huge task, and the Blackmagic Design cameras gave us great images and a uniform look throughout,” said Carberry.

Because of the large number of cameras and small amount of crew, the cameras had to be easy to set up, manage and move. They also needed to provide high quality images which could be easily worked on in
the post-production process since combining 15 camera images into a single video could have become an enormous project in post.

“We did not have an operator for every camera, and the operators had to jump between cameras quickly. Our setup had to be incredibly efficient, and the Blackmagic Design cameras exceeded our expectations. It was easy to quickly adjust settings and move throughout the day. Blackmagic Design gave us exactly that, and I was impressed with the consistent quality they offered,” said Carberry. “We were aiming for a high quality, cinematic feel with a bit of old Hollywood glam look, which the cameras also delivered on. They let us get all 15 rolling at one time to get the unique look and effect we needed for Naked,” he added.