Capcom’s crossover game Puzzle Fighter makes a comeback


While everyone is raving about Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, another Capcom’s iconic inter-franchise crossover game Puzzle Fighter has made a comeback.

Puzzle Fighter

This time around, the game has returned via the mobile platform that features new fighters that include Mega Man X, Frank West, Chuck Greene and others from a long line of video game and cartoon franchises that have appeared in Capcom’s crossover games.

For the unknown, Puzzle Fighter is a 1 vs 1 jewel matching game that lets one perform attacks and combos from one’s chosen characters every time he/she matches specific gems with their same coloured brethren.

The more matches one gets, the more damaging the combo will be and by damage it means that the game puts unmatchable blocks ihis/her enemy’s screen hindering their ability to match their own gems.