Captain Planet series to be available for digital download on April 10

captain planet 3If you had admired The Planeteer and felt that you could be among the one who could lend your hand to save our planet, there is great news on hand.

Six seasons of super-powered serials like Captain Planet and the PlaneteersThe New Adventures of Captain Planet and The All New Adventures of Captain Planet  are being readied to be made available for the first time via digital download on April 10, thanks to Cartoon Network.

While individual seasons will be available for $9.99 and $14.99, individual episodes can be had for $1.99 each. Fans can purchase either through major digital content shops including iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu, Playstation Store and Xbox Store.

Captain Planet and the Planeteers centers on a team of five teens from across the globe including Kwame from Africa, Wheeler from North America, Linka from Eastern Europe, Gi from Asia and Ma-Ti from South America, who are chosen to help defend planet Earth from environmental disasters.

Gaia, the spirit of the planet, gives each of the teens a magical ring charged with the power to control an element of nature, including earth, fire, wind, water and the heart. The group of teens become known as the planeteers and are sent by Gaia to right the wrongs of the Eco-villains who are responsible for causing various environmental damage to the planet.

Whenever they encounter a situation they cannot resolve on their own, they combine all their powers to summon Captain Planet, a superhero who has the power to bring catastrophic environmental disasters to an end.

 Captain Planet and the Planeteers premiered on TBS in 1990. The name of the series was later changed to The New Adventures of Captain Planet and The All New Adventures of Captain Planet.

Altogether, the series was telecast for a total of six successful seasons and can now be seen on Boomerang.