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Google releases new app namely Family Link

Google releases new app namely Family Link

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  Google has released a new app namely Family Link that will allow parents to monitor their children’s activity on Android devices. The said app manages the apps that kids can use by allowing parents to approve or block any content from the Google Play Store. Parents can also keep an eye on screen time by seeing how many minutes are spent on each app in the weekly and monthly activity reports. They can then use this information to set daily screen time limits. The app also allows parents to remotely lock a child’s device. The app can also be used to monitor and restrict use of the YouTube Kids app which has collected more than 30 billion views to date and attracts more than eight million weekly users. Google, that is also launching kids original series on YouTube Red, currently

Fabric Software Prototype tools for Storyboarding & Editing Content

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Fabric Software is working on prototype tools for storyboarding and editing content directly within the virtual environment, as well as capturing that data to bring it back into an authoring application like Autodesk Maya. The ability to move around a virtual set, move props, annotate in space and bring all that data back into the authoring application is demonstrated in these two videos: (more…)

Afterburn Clouds

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Before we start with this tutorial, clouds are known to be one of the most difficult but challenging task till date. Many mid-level to large companies have their own toolkits for such effect. There are many proprietary application been constantly getting either upgrade or developed from scratch to amend their in house pipeline. Applications like Zeno , Ringmaster, Marionette, Quill and many other has been used in feature films. Afterburn is an plug-in developed only for 3DS Max. Yet ther are no news for Maya. Since Maya have their Ray Marching System in build. About Afterburn :- AfterBurn is an advanced volumetric particle effects engine plug-in that works exclusively with Autodesk Media & Entertainment's 3ds Max program, and gives you the ability to create realistic smoke, c...

Buddha Dispersion using Krakatoa

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Hello guys I am Vikas Nagolkar and I am bringing you another exiting tutorial on a very famous and common topic "Dispersion". Yet this you can call as famous and common, it is still being used in Films, Game Cinematic and Television commercials. But their execution of dispersion may differ. We can carry out many kinds of dispersion either by Geometry, Shaded techniques, Compositing, Lighting and mainly through particles and dynamics. Here we are going to use a plug-in for 3DS Max called "Krakatoa"developed first as in-house Volumentric Particle Render Engine by Frantic Film, a sister company of Prime Focus. Well there are other add-on from the same company like "Flood, Flood Spray, Flood Surf, Deadline" for 3DS Max and "Awake" for Digital Fusion. Now , let see what Krakatoa can do…Krakat


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Hello people, welcome again for another exciting tutorial. This time I won’t be creating neither any titling sequence nor any lighting and rendering stuff. But here I would teach you how to create a model from BASE STRUCTURE and use Bi-Variate System and give amazing look and development and get your scene approve from next phase in your PRODUCTION stage. Also, the DVD that I am working also contains this article too.SO you don’t have to worry about if you don’t get this but yes, you all will be getting my DVD’s too. What is this tutorial exactly about.RIGHT. This tutorial deals with total displacement systemwhich is now been heavily carried out in our 3D graphic program. Here I won’t be explaining the advance features of displacement, but yes that would be too complex for starters. Ye


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Musky Flame Thrower Creating Fire in CG and making it look ultra realistic is one of the most challenging job. Fire comes in all size and shapes and behaves differently depending upon the combustible materials, exposure of camera it's being filmed on and or viewed with our naked eye. Fire looks more believable when you evaluate its motion of the flames, the shader /color of fire and its related interaction with the environment , the ambience light fusing with it. Plus add on is the smoke that fuel creates during burning of such combustible substances. Here in this tutorial we'll be creating not the exact FlameThrower but yet somewhat like muskiness in which and how FlameThrower would act. You can also further this tutorial in creating Dragon Fire and or LargeScale FlameThrower. (more&hel...

Tear Apart_Tutorial

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OK so this is what our final product should be. I haven't used any scripting or rigging to simulate this effect. Only matter of fact is how you use Gradient Ramp map for various and create absolute amazing results. I saw an ad on TV showing a new detergent powder for washing cloths and there they (host) added a liter of water in a tub, then added a T-Shirt in it and then she poured the powder from top of it. As the powder was getting dissolve in the water-tub it was looking like powder is tearing that T-Shirt apart ... kind of when you put acid on any material which would eventually burn out. That is how I started this tutorial...thought of showing you how to create an effect when some acid falls over a substance and getting teared apart. (more…)


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Now let's see the procedure for creating this kind of smoke effect. There are many kinds of techniques that artist perform for creating only fiery explosions, smoke based explosions and or both mixture of fire and smoke based explosions where fuel plays a vital role in that process. With every development of Fume FX software comes new set of parameters that have taken the level of Visual Effects subsequently up. My past couple of tutorials, I have been focusing on showing you people different kind of explosion techniques and how they can be easily done without the aid of Maxscript or using multiple sets of different software's along with Fume FX. (more…)