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This is what we will be creating in this tutorial. Fair enough the steps are pretty much simple to get this effect at the very basic level. You must have seen similar kind of effects in movies, TVC, Gaming yet it depends upon the scene, the angle and how close or far the shot is/are. The most important thing is, you can create this effect in any of the 3D software available in market especially, Maya, XSI, Cinema4D, Houdini, Lightwave3D, 3DS Max and not only limited with this market application but also today in production house they have their proprietary software where many CGI result can be obtain much easily than our market based application(s). The main reason between market based applications and in house tools are. The market based applications have certain limitations but the in h

So called Indian Animation Industry

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So called industry this name tells us something bit relate about the section where you , me and lots of people like us work together. This article is mostly related to those people who are gaining their skill in this media and entertainment industry. Especially when you talk about this “MEI(Media and Entertainment Industry)” we get lot of other areas which we can focus . I have been long waiting to share this article with all of you and as a matter of fact this article is purely based upon the ongoing trend and the happening in this industry. I have been asked by many upcoming students online as well as offline, meeting them personally, consulting them and not only limited with the students but also with professionals of same sector. (more…)


Education, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials
When i see other students work , which is now getting exceptionally good compare to what i use to do . The thing that recalled me was education facility not made naturally industry standard. Today when you require a artist who can role into proper constructive production, you get it straight from institution(s). And from practical touch up....they fail. I personally think self practice with tons of research is needed with time to get real hand on experience in this industry. Not just about the hard-work. But it takes pain to understand the proper procedure of media system. Today students are getting it absolutely free without any hesitation. Let say if an artist is really good in simulations or lighting or sculpting..and he/she makes real good quality work as per needs, it does not implie...