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Explain the core principles of how Scanline Render Engine works ?.. Now if asked many of artist would say giving final appearance to our scene.OK Well that is just  their own practical approach to it. The second statement we get is the final look development where look development is pretty different from what we see or what we say for rendering too. OK as even in differentiating FG and GI i mentioned that definitions are get going for starters but for professionals the practical approach is far more important. Many artist depend upon definitions and many don't it is just the matter of fact. Now lets get back to rendering ......shall we then.... (more…)


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This is the general talks of light in form of FG and GI. Many artist will be having their own system of communication and taking this topic into consideration, each and every artist will be sharing and explaining their tons of experience in this. To understand what is the “difference between Final gather and Global illumination ?” Jumping directly over it makes no sense for me. The two words FG  ( Final Gather ) and GI ( Global Illumination)  comes from LIGHT , the mainframe is the LIGHT…FG and GI doesn’t exist without LIGHT. So in order to understand FG and GI we should first know “What is LIGHT: ????? (more…)

Smart Tips for zero budget marketing Indie Games

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The biggest problem Indie Game developers face is to market the games due to lack of funds. But there are plenty of smart ways to get noticed without spending a single penny. Following are the top most important things to do through our experience. 1) Start with a website:     - Create a 2-3 pager website or a development blog for the game you are making. Remember to start this early into development of your game and not by the end of it. Make people aware of the release date and timelines about your game via this and collect their email IDs to notify them on the Launch Day for better downloads. Check out sites: Wordpress, Blogspot to easily create web pages. 2) Forums     - Couple of gaming forums like TouchArcade and SlideToPlay helps a lot in building the reputation for your game f

Case Study: Riva’s Photoreal Invisible VFX for PK

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The studio relies on Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max for Aamir Khan starrer blockbuster. “We at Riva Animation & VFX want to focus more on photoreal VFX as that makes it more challenging when you have done so much in the movie in terms of VFX and CG and the audiences can’t tell. Needless to say, Autodesk Maya and Max have been our constant companions in it.” Said, Viral Thakkar, Creative Head & VFX Supervisor, Riva Animation & VFX (more…)

Short Film Illustrates 12 Principles of Animation

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Short animation created by New York City-based Italian motion graphics artist Cento Lodigiani uses the simple cube to illustrate the 12 principles as developed by Walt Disney’s ‘nine old men.’ Here is a charming short film outlining the 12 basic principles of animation, as codified in the 1930s by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of the Walt Disney Studios’ legendary “nine old men.” (more…)

Here’s How the Animators Made The Lego Movie: Watch

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Even if you have 15,080,330 Lego's handy, you probably shouldn't try this at home How many Lego pieces did it take to make The Lego Movie? It’s complicated. As it turns out, the film’s creators, directing and writing duo Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, didn't just rely on actual Lego's for the film; as the New York Times pointed out, just the number of bricks required for the task alone would've already cost millions of dollars. (more…)

The Magic Of Pencil n Paper!!

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HI Friends, I am here again to talk about animation. Today I am gonna speak about "The Magic and Power of Drawings" or The Storyboards. Imagination is one of the best gift a human can ever get. Have you ever wondered if Edison might not have imagined about creating lights then we would still have been without lights and I might have written this note in actual letters. Well what I mean is that we have a power of Imagination and the power of drawing so ! Why not use it ? When both combined the results get awesome!! Satyajit Ray was the man who started Story Boarding for his films in the early era of Indian Cinema and It was practiced much earlier in Hollywood before creating any movie. Story boards show us the path to our imagination, it leads to a well planned imagination put togeth...