Hits One-Year Milestone with 65,000 Users

Exocortex releases new version of award-winning 3D modeling and rendering web app

EXOCORTEX announced it has reached 65,000 registered users within a year of launching award-winning 3D modeling and rendering web app In response to the huge community building around the web application, Exocortex also announced its initial pricing model and the launch of its social 3D model library, already featuring thousands of
user created models.

Exocortex founder and CEO Ben Houston said: ‘ now includes the first 3D model library that supports exporting to the popular Three.JS format. It is also the first 3D model library that allows you to preview your models in both interactive WebGL and streaming V-Ray renders. Attracting 65,000 users in just one year is a massive vote of confidence and we figured it was time to get social and really build a community around the app.”

The latest release of – on show at SIGGRAPH booth #1342 – gives users a profile page that lists their public and gallery scenes, as well as access to a searchable 3D model library. Image format support has been extended to include high dynamic range EXR, TIFF and HDR, allowing for Image-based Lighting (IBL) when rendering using V-Ray. The release also includes a host of other features, such as a much faster modeling performance on large models, optional Maya-style mouse navigation, one of the most requested feature enhancements, and a new task-oriented Tabbased UI. remains free for users happy to share their scenes, while the new pricing model introduces premium options, including privacy settings, starting at $10 per month. The app was nominated by 3D World readers for Best New Application of the Year 2014 and in February 2014 was named in
Animation Magazine’s Tech Picks’ Best of the Year.