Cottonwood Media and Federation Entertainment Join Forces

Federation adds David Michel as Founding Partner while Cottonwood Gains Powerful Shareholder

Federation entertainment Cottonwood media

In a move intended to consolidate their position as a mini-studio of premium content, Cottonwood Media and Federation Entertainment have entered a long-term multilayered corporate partnership. The agreement will see David Michel join Federation as a Founding Partner and Head of Kids and Family Programs & Sales, while Federation Entertainment becomes a key shareholder of Cottonwood Media.

David Michel, Cottonwood Media
David Michel

Michel will continue to act as President of Cottonwood Media and retain a key shareholder position in the company’s capital, along with co-founders Zoé Z Carrera and Cécile Lauritano.   Since its recent launch in 2014, Cottonwood has already placed two major animated series with key broadcasters, THE OLLIE & MOON SHOW with Sprout NBC and SQUISH with leading French kidcaster Gulli.

 “We’re excited to have such a talented new addition to Federation’s group of producers,” states Pascal Breton. “David was at the heart of some of Marathon’s biggest hits and has become one of the most respected producers of children’s content today. He joins Federation with an impressive slate of projects ranging from live-action fiction to animation.”

Pascal Breton

David Michel responded, “We both share the same vision of a media world wherein producing premium content for digital platforms and major North American & European clients is key. This vision requires capital, ambition, and most importantly an investment in high-end creators’ ideas and properties. Cottonwood joining Federation is a fantastic opportunity for us to develop this vision with the financial and strategic backing of a great partner.”

Similarly to former Marathon Media MD and Zodiak board member David Michel, Breton (who previously headed Marathon Studios) established Federation Entertainment in 2014 as a global mini-studio mandated to create premium content for top-tier platforms.