Tuesday, February 19

DC Super Hero Girls to air on CN in 2018


The three stars of Cartoon Network’s upcoming toon series DC Super Hero Girls namely Diana, Kara and Barbara are teenage girls trying to balance superpowers and secret identities like managing a social life. It will air on the network in 2018.

Production has started of DC Super Hero Girls, an all-new animated action-comedy series from Warner Bros.

Featuring fresh character designs and storytelling from Emmy Award-winning producer Lauren Faust, DC Super Hero Girls will come up on Cartoon Network in 2018.

The not-so-typical teenagers along with their superhero friends have much more to deal with than just protecting the citizens of Metropolis from some of the most sinister school-aged super villains of the DC Universe.

After all, being teens is tough enough what with school, friends, family and the chaos that comes with managing a social life. But add super powers and a secret identity to the mix, and things can get a lot more complicated.

A global initiative with Cartoon Network, the new series builds on the DC Super Hero Girls direct-to-video movies as well as digital webisodes launched in 2015 on YouTube as well as the DC Super Hero Girls mobile app.