Disney channel follows the Yoga path by launching Yom

Taking the cue from our prime minister giving a push to yoga by instituting a Yoga Day, Disney India seems to have followed that route.



Since yesterday (1 May), the Disney channel has launched its flash animation series YOM (Yogendra Omprakash Mathur) at 4:30 pm for five days a week Monday to Friday.

Created by Munjal Shroff who heads Graphiti Multimedia, the show is an attempt to make yoga look cool, not boring like most 11 year olds normally think it is.

The show is about a 11-year old yoga enthusiast who performs asanas such as eagle, camel, monkey, crocodile, dolphin, cat etc. He then imbibes the strength, skills and powers related to that animal after whom the asanas are named.

The young adventurous lad then uses this special power to protect his city, Chotasheher against the evil threats lurking around.

YOM has taken some time to make its debut on the channel. The announcement of its production was made way back in 2015 while the airing date was slated to be 2016.

However, in November last year, Disney Channel introduced The Astra Force that has gone on to become the channel’s second-highest watched show. As a result of that, YOMs premiere date was delayed to summer 2017.

What makes YOM funny despite its fast pace and adventure is the fact that the boy retains the traits of each of the animals for 11 minutes, during which he also has to battle his desire to chase and eat mice (as an eagle), resist his desire to drink milk (as a cat in the cat asana) and even lice (as a dog)!

And through all these cravings he has to fight his enemies and other crooks. Additionally, he can use these powers only for the betterment of humankind and of course most importantly ‘he cannot tell anyone.’

However, his frenemy Riya is the only one who knows his true identity. Whenever Yom transforms into his super-hero avatar, Riya gets a watch that alerts them about how much time he has left before he transforms back. Riya is his time-keeper, his guide when his aasanas go berserk, an expert lab technician and…much to his irritation…a total Ms Know It All!

While Riya is an extremely book-smart, straight-A student with a mischievous sense of humour, who always thinks she’s right, our hero is also not far behind. He is a science-freak and keeps making bizarre, fun contraptions but gets bullied in school by the Gutli gang.

Shroff has created, co-produced and co-developed the credits for the show while Tilak Shetty is the co-producer.

YOM has been written by Svani Parekh, Yogesh Chandekar, Sandeep Patil, Sweksha Bhagat, Kaushalendra Singh and the music has been provided by Vidyut Goswami.