Disney Television Animation to launch short series ‘Baymax Dreams’


Disney Television Animation is coming up with a new series of shorts based on Baymax from Big Hero 6.

Titled ‘Baymax Dreams’, these shorts are slated to debut on September 15 on Disney NOW and the Disney Channel YouTube account.

Check out the behind the scene here:

Running 2-3 minutes each, the series has been directed by Simon J. Smith (Bee Movie, Penguins of Madagascar and short Shrek 4D) and features the franchise’s robot, Baymax, dreaming of electric sheep, bedbugs, and duplicates of itself.

Disney along with Unity Technologies has worked on these shorts using real-time rendering technology from the latter.  Unity’s technology brings speed and creative freedom to film and to studios to do layout, animation blending, light, VFX, render, and composite all in one place, at the same time.

“Working in Unity is like having every department at your fingertips. The results of Unity’s parallel, non-linear workflow, and real-time rendering meant we were able to make Baymax Dreams in half the time — allowing us to spend the other half on experimentation and the creative process,” Director Simon J. Smith in a statement.

Big Hero 6, which was named best animated film at the 2015 OSCARS and earned USD 657.8 million at the worldwide box office.