Thursday, February 22

DreamWorks and Netflix release one more teaser video of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh


DreamWorks and Netflix have recently released another teaser video of the latest season of Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh.

This time around they have done it in the form of a music video. And it is not just another cartoon music video, it features the voice of iconic pop diva Cher, who lends her voice to the Boov diva named Chercophinie.

The song in the music video is titled Ooga Boo, and is exactly the kind of catchy music that one would expect from Cher.

It’s also the kind of catchy music that will encourage viewers to abuse YouTube’s ‘replay’ button.

It is hoped that YouTube will not limit people’s ability to re-watch a video for, say, a hundred or so times in a single day.