EPIC TV launches new animated series ‘Animals in Mythology’


Are you familiar with all the animals involved in Hindu Mythology? Viewers are mostly familiar with the famous legends and can only recount the various deities and their animal associations.

To bring lesser known facts, Epic TV has launched its first animated series ‘Animals in Mythology’.

Each episode of the four-part series will feature two to three animals that are an integral part of fables such as peacock, snake, horse, lion, turtle, and dog.

Speaking about the launch of the unique series, Akul Tripathi, Content and Programming Head, EPIC TV said, “At EPIC we strive to engage with viewers and based on feedback, we learnt that viewers, especially younger ones were curious as to the origin and association of animals in our mythological stories, so we decided to tell it in a way we had not explored in long-form content – through animation. We are confident that the stories and the presentation will make for many happy faces.”

Owing to its treatment and the use of contemporary animation, infographics, and presentation, the series is also poised to be extremely relevant and useful to young viewers.

Showcasing some interesting trivia from Indian mythology, an episode on ‘snakes’ high lights lesser known facts, some of them are enlisted below.

  • The Vasuki snake wraps its self around Lord Shiva as a necklace
  • The Sheshnag is famous as Lord Vishnu’s mount
  • A snake is also often adorned by Ganpati as a sacred thread or ‘janeu’ and is also known as Lord Brahma’s heir
  • According to VarahPuran, Brahma’s son Kashyap had four wives, and one of his wife gave birth to a snake. Kashyap’s wife’s name was Kadru and therefore snakes are also popularly known as ‘Kadruj’.


  • She gave birth to 1000 snakes and amongst them, the most significant ones are Shesh, Vasuki, and Takshak.
  • The Vasuki snake was also used as a rope by Gods and demons during the famous “Amritmanthan”

Animals in Mythology started airing from July 4, every Wednesday at 10 pm on EPIC TV.