Eye Darts

Here I am with another tip for animation.

eye dartToday I am gonna speak about ” Eye Darts” ! Yes the importance of eye darts in facial animation. It is often observed when young animators bring their animation for a check, they always forget to do eye darts or eye movements. The eye movements which are known as darts has a significant and important role in Animation.

Usually when eye is not animated it looks cock eyed and it is difficult to convey the expressions you wanna show about the character. Always Remember: ” A good animation is that in which the characters looks live every second” So Eye darts always sells!! It keeps the character live.

Tip: Always do the darts with an eye blink whenever your character is entering a different expression or changing his or her viewpoint.

I found this good link about Eye darts check it out here:  http://vimeo.com/50135405

Source: Art Toonz Studios