Fabric Software Prototype tools for Storyboarding & Editing Content

FE_logo_ADDFabric Software is working on prototype tools for storyboarding and editing content directly within the virtual environment, as well as capturing that data to bring it back into an authoring application like Autodesk Maya. The ability to move around a virtual set, move props, annotate in space and bring all that data back into the authoring application is demonstrated in these two videos:

Fabric Engine 2 for storyboarding

Fabric Engine: VR Storyboarding from Fabric Engine on Vimeo.

Fabric Engine 2 for MoCap/set dressing/interactive VR

Fabric Engine for Mocap/Set Dressing/interactive VR from Fabric Engine on Vimeo.

See Fabric’s latest blog http://fabricengine.com/the-challenges-of-authoring-content-for-vr/ for more information.