Tuesday, February 19

First look of Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men: Check pics inside

Marvel’s relaunched Uncanny X-Men is only a few short weeks away, we bring you the first looks.

The series’ initial, ten-issue storyline, “Disassembld,” will unfold at a weekly pace, with writers Ed Brisson, Kelly Thompson and Matthew Rosenberg aided by the art team of Mahmud Asrar, R.B. Silva, Yildiray Cinar, and Pere Perez.

Check it out here:

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(Image Courtesy: Marvel official blog)

“To me, UNCANNY X-MEN has always been the book that defined what Super Hero comics can be. It’s the book I learned to read with. It’s the book that helped me understand who I wanted to be. And it’s the book I have always come back to as a fan. These characters have served as icons, heroes, friends, and even family for me and generations of comic book fans. And now I get to bring all the X-Men together to save our world one last time and find out if anyone survives the experience,” Matt Rosenberg was quoted as saying from the Marvel’s official blog.

Sharing her experiences, Kelly Thompson said, “ I wish I could say writers don’t love putting characters we love through rough stuff… but I think that would be a bold-faced lie. There’s nothing I like more than making people laugh and fall in love and then really making them feel something and be moved—which sometimes means tragedy—and then making them laugh again. I think we’ve got a great emotional narrative at the heart of this event.”

The issue is scheduled to hit the stands on November 14.