Fox Animation acquires rights of The Memory Thief


Fox Animation has acquired the rights of Bryce Moore’s children’s novel The Memory Thief for its live-action/animation hybrid features initiative. It will be produced by Adaptive Studios and 21 Laps.

Currently, Moore is writing a sequel to the book, initially published in September by Adaptive Books.

The story of The Memory Thief follows a boy with extraordinary powers. It begins with a tweenage boy Benji who encounters a strange old man peddling stolen memories at a carnival.

Seeing a chance to use this skill to keep his parents from fighting, Benji enrolls himself as a “memory thief” in training. But he is not the only person with the ability to show and manipulate memories, and this power may come with a great price.

The film will be produced by Adaptive’s Perrin Chiles and Marshall Lewy with 21 Laps’ founder Shawn Levy and Dan Levine.

Launched last year, Fox Animation’s push for more hybrid family films is being spearheaded by former Sony Pictures Animation exec Hopper. This slate includes an adaptation of The Girl Who Drank the Moon.