GEC invests in 2D animated series

HopMotion_Logo-300x212HopMotion Animation Private Limited founded by Anish Patel are relatively new kids on the block, but with their recent project for a leading GEC in the kitty, they seem to have the loudest  roar!

“We love telling stories and the weapon of our choice is animation,” says their website ( 

AnishPatel“After graduating from film school in the US, I worked on various film and television projects as a writer and director,” says Patel. During this time he also worked closely with Shekhar Kapur on various live action and animation projects. “Having written various animation scripts (Including Kid Krrish) my co-writer Carmen Zainabadi and I decided to start our own studio with a focus on creating original content in the 2D animation space,” he says.

The idea to create an original IP animated TV series was a natural progression as HopMotion is a writer driven animation studio and have a team of in-house writers who are constantly working on creating original characters and properties for Web, TV and Film.

Currently, apart from an international TV series for the Canadian market, the company is working on a very interesting show for the Indian market that should be on air early next year.

For their recent project (an animated TV series for a leading GEC in India) they have teamed up with Sunjoy Waddhwa of Sphereorigins Multivision as producer. “The animation will be executed by HopMotion for Sphereorigins Multivision,” adds Patel.

Animation as a genre has yet to take off in India and according to Patel the reasons for that are many. “I would say mainly it’s the budgets and also the lack of focus on story,” he says. “Ironically, we have a great pool of talent in our country and in fact some of the best international animation work is being done in India,” he adds. “However, most studios thrive on outsourced work and understandably don’t want to invest in developing original content, which takes a very long time to monetize,” says Patel.

Indian production houses too seem slightly sceptical about accepting animation films /serials as a genre. They are not too keen in either investing in talent or creating innovative matter, as the market/demand for it seem limited. Indian TV channels by far and large, also do not invest enough in acquiring or commissioning original local content and instead relying on international content dubbed in local languages. Mainstream GEC channels to date are also not experimenting with animated content. According to Patel, “The audience is there for such content, but they are used to seeing all kinds of animation from around the world. Entertaining content with great storylines will always be accepted but there is not much of it out there,” he says.

In this arena and fiercely competitive environment HopMotion stands out as it “wants to focus on 2D animation and wants to create original properties for kids as well as teens and young adults across various digital platforms,” elaborates Patel. “We also plan on making a full-length 2D feature film.”

To fulfil these targets HopMotion has a full-fledged facility with a 40- seater ToonBoom Harmony setup in Andheri. “We plan on doubling the capacity next year,” reveals Patel. “Tools such as ToonBoom Harmony make it easier for animators from around the world to collaborate and create amazing animation,” adds Patel. “This will help in making the quality of digital 2D animation better and better,” concludes Patel.

Source: HopMotion Animation

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