Gintama Rumble action game to release on Jan. 18


One of the funniest parts of Bandai Namco Entertainment’s satirical anime Gintama is when it punches and pokes fun at more popular, established shonen franchises, more specifically Akira Toriyama’s globally popular juggernaut Dragon Ball Z.


So when Gintama finally gets its own arena fighter titled Gintama Rumble, it is only fitting that the Dragon Ball Z spoof characters also get in.

The recent trailer of the game shows off Cell and Brieza, which are obvious tongue-in-cheek takes on Cell and Frieza, respectively.

Though people who want to play as them might be a little disappointed because Cell and Brieza only assist characters. That doesn’t mean one can’t have fun with them Gintama after all is all about fun and being self-aware enough to accept the more ridiculous parts of the anime medium.

If one is raring to go ahead and get in on some Gintama Rumble action, you don’t have to wait long because the game is due for release on the PS4 and PSVita on January 18.