‘Girls’ Boost Hasbro Earnings,bagged US$ 831 Millions…

The giants are scoring well on multiple categories of toys in the mass markets of kids, but- the Game segment remains a stout challenge for Hasbro…

Rhode Island- based toy bigwig witnessed its biggest gains in girls–oriented products, which has boosted their net revenue to US$831.2 million in the quarter.

Q1 revenue in the girls category catapulted by 41% to US$165.4 million, followed by the boys category, which registered a 24% increase to US$336.9 million. Preschool also made double-digit gains, shooting up 11% to US$97.8 million.

On the other hand, Games was the single category that took a beating, falling 2 per cent to US$231.1 million.It is widely estimated that a spur in growth in the girls category was due to recent unleashing of f Disney Princess Frozen fashion and small dolls, as well as Disney Descendants (pictured) and Baby Alive products

Key drivers for boys category were Nerf, Star Wars and Yo-Kai Watch, Meanwhile, Play-Doh propelled preschool sales.

On the games front, Pie Face, Yahtzee and Duel Masters performed relatively better but their performance was unable to offset declines from other games.

When looking at Hasbro’s major business segments, the US and Canada branch saw the biggest Q1 increase at 28% to US$443.6 million in net revenue. Growth in the boys, girls and preschool categories in the region more than offset a decline in the games category.

Globally, net revenues stood by 13% to US$345 million, courtesy, an inclusive growth in all four product categories—boys, games, girls and preschool.

On a local level, Asia Pacific and Europe  jumped by 25% and 14%, respectively, while Latin America and emerging markets declined by 3% and 7% in the quarter.

The startling surprises came from Hasbro’s entertainment ad licensing segment, that registered a drop in revenues by 30 per cent to US$42.5 million from US$60.6 million in Q1 2015.

According to the annual reports , the above category scored the maximum success among other, clocking growth in double- digits.