Google Doodle celebrates Oskar Schlemmer’s 130th birthday


Google celebrates famous painter, sculptor, designer, choreographer Oskar Schlemmer’s 130th birthday with a special doodle.

Google’s doodle shows a bulbous mechanical figure standing in a ballet pose wearing a metallic mask.

Schlemmer is well-known for staging “Triadisches Ballett” or “Triadic Ballet”, which was premiered in Stuttgart in 1922.

“With three dancers, 12 movements, and 18 costumes, Oskar Schlemmer’s innovative approach to ballet broke with all convention to explore the relationship between body and space in new and exciting ways,” Google said in its tribute to this great artist.

Schlemmer described this performance as “artistic metaphysical mathematics” and a “party in form and colour”.

Born in 1888, Schlemmer, the youngest of six children studied art in Stuttgart under landscape painters Christian Landenberger and Friedrich von Keller. He moved to Walter Gropius’s avant-garde Bauhaus School in Weimar to teach in the mural-painting and sculpture departments and later worked in Berlin but was forced to resign because of pressure from the Nazis.

After World War I, Schlemmer worked at Walter Gropius’s avant-garde Bauhaus School in Weimar in the mural-painting and sculpture departments, before moving to the theatre workshop. He then worked in Berlin until 1933 until he was forced to resign overpressure from the Nazi’s. His work was even featured in the Nazi Degenerate Art exhibition in 1937.

The last decade of his life was marred by the Nazi dictatorship and defamation of his works. He eventually died of heart attack on April 13, 1943.