Tuesday, February 19

Google’s latest Spotlight Story is ‘Rain or Shine’ 

Watch the cute animated short ‘Rain or Shine’ which follows the story of Ella and her new sunglasses


Rain or Shine is no regular animated short. It invites its viewers for a 360 degree stage in the streets of London. The story promises to pull android users into a cute little story of Ella and her seemingly cursed pair of sunglasses.

Viewers can simply tilt their phones to look up, down, left or right, as if they were to use the phone as a window into an invisible world. “Rain or Shine” takes this idea of giving viewers agency over the story further, and allows them to unlock a number of subplots as they explore the square. “We really wanted to reward looking around,” said Google Spotlight Stories executive producer Karen Dufilho.

Rain or shine is directed by Felix Massie. These Spotlight Stories have been started by Google’s ATAP group and has featured work from talents like Fast & Furious director Justin Lin and Disney animator Glen Keane.

The immersive Spotlight Stories is about a little girl called Ella who wants to try out her brand new sunglasses outside – only to find that she is being followed by a singular cloud that unloads buckets of water on her, but leaves the rest of the world dry and sunny.

You can watch the story right here: