‘GUNBLADE,’ New TV Action Drama featuring Superheroes Debuts at 2014 Licensing Expo

“GUNBLADE” to be directed by Koichi Sakamoto, director of “Power Rangers”


Gunblade Industry SPC, a subsidiary of A mate Inc., a South Korean-based production company, unveiled their newest action drama, “GUNBLADE,” during a press conference at the 2014 Licensing Expo at Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

During the 30-minute event, attendees were treated to a special mini-performance by an actor in a “GUNBLADE” armored suit and an eight-minute never-before-seen preview clip of the show.

In a special video message from Sakamoto, he stated “‘GUNBLADE’ includes all the action elements, sci-fi elements and fantasy elements that kids like.”

“GUNBLADE” is the tale of the extraordinary “Gunblade Team,” a six-member special missions unit, assembled to protect and defend humankind against the evil Dr. Dexter and his super computer, “Olympus.” Seeking assistance to carry out his diabolical plan to destroy the Earth, Dr. Dexter resurrects an ancient destructive clan, “Gothic,” who had been sealed away for evildoing. Now with the threat of humanity becoming extinct, the Gunblade Team must stop Dr. Dexter from destroying the Earth.  Equipped with the “GB Drive,” a special smart phone type device, GUNBLADE members can use its applications to transmit high-tech weaponry, assist in a variety of attack skills, garner protection by an impenetrable shield and even transform into a special armored suit.

The $20 million budgeted production is scheduled to begin filming this August and will be on-air in Korea as early as March 2015. “GUNBLADE” will be distributed throughout select Asian markets in June and September 2015 and is planned to air in Europe and the United States by January of 2016.

Source: Amate