Hackers demand ransom from Disney or would release an unreleased movie


Walt Disney CEO Bob Iger has revealed that hackers claiming to have access to a Disney movie have threatened to release it unless the studio paid a ransom. He however did not disclose the name of the film. But he sternly said that Disney has turned a deaf ear to this call. The studio is now working with federal investigators.

Iger was speaking to ABC employees in New York City, it is reported.

Disney’s upcoming theatrical release slate include Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales that opens this Friday and Cars 3 that is to release on June 16.

It may be noted that last week rumors had circulated online that a work print of Star Wars: The Last Jedi had been pirated and was being held for ransom. But days later it was claimed that rumor was a hoax.

The ransom demand from Disney comes just a few weeks after a hacker uploaded 10 episodes of the upcoming season of Orange Is the New Black to The Pirate Bay after Netflix refused to pay an undisclosed amount. The episodes were posted on Pirate Bay six weeks ahead of the series’ official launch on June 9.

Several Hollywood agencies have also been targeted by hackers with extortion plots in recent months.