Thursday, January 24

HopMotion Animation Joins Hands with One World Animation

HopMotion_LogoHopMotion Animation and One World Animation (OWA) of Ottawa, Canada has joined their hands on the 1st partnership of a major project from France and are on the way to doing more service work and creating original IP’s together.

Combined with the creative drive of Anish Patel (Founder of HopMotion), this partnership has over 20 years combined experience in animation and thus the ability to be a major player in the world of animation. OWA and HopMotion are utilizing both strategic locations in North America and Asia accessing major talent for their studios.

Speaking to Anish he says, “We are super happy to partner with OWA. Along with our domestic market shows, we get to work on some of the best international animated television shows. But the most exciting thing about the partnership is creating an international IP for the North American market together with OWA”.

OneworldAJ Cote (President of OWA) says, “With HopMotion I have an already established relationship. We worked together in the past and have thrived by learning so much from each other. Over the years, though far apart, we have continued our partnership. Since joining forces with HopMotion with Neel at the helm, we have been working hard and I have been seeing amazing results because of their hard work. We will continue to garner interest in our services because of this synergy”.

AJ Cote and HopMotion COO Neel Lukkani have a 8 year history together bringing productions to life while pushing the limits of Toon Boom Harmony software. A.J’s history with Toon Boom goes back to 2003 when it was being beta tested at Mercury Filmworks. It has since become the premier 2D animation software used by all major animation producers. A.J’s held almost every position there possible in 2D animation production and even worked as a worldwide trainer for Toon Boom Animation.

AJ believes the only way to success is to have a production pipeline that can use resources worldwide and create a seamless production that operates almost 24 hrs a day using the global resources at our fingertips. We can always take contracts from anywhere without fear of delays in production due to time zone differences. With HopMotion leading the way in an opposing time zone, I can trust everything is under control even while I sleep”.

The Indian Animation Industry is positively looking sky-scraping with such collaborations and we absolutely need to watch out for this powerhouse of animation in the very near future.

Source: HopMotion Animation