Hoppo.TV set to Launch at Comic-con Mumbai

HoppoTVHopMotion animation is all set to launch Hoppo.TV, a web portal for animated web shows targeting teens and young adults.

Hoppo.TV is a place for animated content, web shows and whacky characters that might not find a home on television or traditional media. As an animation studio HopMotion continues to stay focused on television content for kids; while Hoppo.TV will cater to all those grown-ups that enjoy their content with a slight twist, yet keeping that inner child well fed.

In India, where animation content is perceived to be just for kids, Hoppo.TV is an attempt to change this. Hoppo.TV targets more mature audience who enjoys this kind of animation content.

The first web show to launch on Hoppo.TV will be ‘Kung Fu Singh,’ teaser of which can be seen exclusively at the HopMotion Booth. Kung Fu Singh is about a clumsy, Bruce lee obsessed young sardar kid who invariably causes accidental blood-shed everywhere he goes. Every webisode will feature an outlandish visual gag that is not meant for the squeamish. ‘Kung Fu Sing’ will soon be followed by his arch nemesis and feisty-fighter ‘Ninja Patel.’ This young gujju dame packs quite a ninja chop, so there’s no messing with her.


Hoppo.TV web show ‘Modern Activity’ showcasing a bunch of nutty, naughty, ruffian, middle-schoolers is already out. Future lineup includes ‘The SoBo Snob’ about the grievances and travail of an elicit South Bombay snob who often tread across the worli sea-link to the ‘dark side.’ There’s also ‘Fookya and Sootya’, the slacker-stoners from Bandra. This soulful twosome is masters in the art of nothingness. And then there’s our very own super sexy neighborhood guardian, ‘Vigil Aunty’ from South Delhi. This is just to name a few for the following year.

As a platform Hoppo.TV will be highly interactive. They will be conducting a poll on their upcoming shows & characters. Highest voted shows & characters will further go into production giving the audience content which they wish to see and enjoy. Not only that, HopMotion will also be inviting individual artists & creators from all over India to produce their own web shows for the platform.

Internationally ‘Adult Swim’ has successfully produced animated content for adult audiences and has found many takes in India as well. Let’s see how Hoppo.TV strives its way up to connect with these audiences. Stay Tuned to this space for more details on Hoppo.TV!