Insectibiles is the most top-rated series in Germany


With the 3D HD animated series Insectibles scoring top kids’ TV ratings in Germany, the series is shaping up to be the next big thing from CG studio One Animation. The show has been co-produced by KiKA, Discovery and ZDF Enterprises.

Despite stiff competition from shows on Nickelodeon, Super RTL and Disney, the show came out on top of the charts in recent monthly figures for Q2 2017.

“We showed our faith in Insectibles when we took the decision to put the show in our highly popular 7pm daily slot. And our faith paid off, because now it’s one of the biggest shows in Germany, and the biggest kids’ show for the latest data available from April 2017.” said Sebastian Debertin, Head of Fiction, Acquisition & Co-Production for KiKA.

“Undoubtedly two of the big pulls for the show are the cinema-quality 3D animation bringing the characters and storylines to life in a way we are used to in cinemas but which is not often seen on TV. Plus the ideas and adventures which the characters become embroiled in really engage the audience, boys and girls alike,” he added.

Aimed at children aged 6 to 9 years   old, Insectibles follows the adventures of a young boy named Zak, his whacky grandfather Gramps, and three bio-mechanically enhanced insects as they search to find pieces of the Shrinkinator: the crazy invention that shrunk our heroes before exploding during a failed testing phase.

All the while they must evade the clutches of a maniacal Mosquito, her daughter, and a whole host of evil underlings.

The series also airs in other countries, including in France on Teletoon and Canal+, and on Discovery Kids Latin America.

“This year has been spectacular for us, with regular reports coming in about our shows topping the ratings charts in different countries around the world. To get this news from KiKA for one of our shows which really exemplifies the excellent 3D and HD image quality that the guys in the studio are able to produce, is also very exciting,” commented Sashim Parmanand, CEO of One Animation. “Insectibles really demonstrates the technical animation expertise we have in-house. It’s something we like to do, so it’s gratifying to know it’s also commercially worthwhile because kids are really engaging with it,” he concluded.