Select your license type to find the installation method(s) applicable to you:


Stand-Alone License

For individual user, single computer

Install Method:

  • Install on one computer using one serial number and product key
  • A copy can be installed on a second computer but the two cannot run at the same time
  • Activation and registration can be done manually or automatically over the Internet

Network License


For large groups, multiple computers

Deployment Method:

  • Installation is configured once in an administrative image, stored on a network and then distributed to users’ computers
  • Network License Manager (NLM) running on a server is used to manage product licensing

Alternative Distribution Methods:

  • On Windows platforms, you can use batch files, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) or Imaging Software

Multi-Seat Stand-Alone License


For small groups, multiple computers

Install Method:

  • Repeat installation process on each computer using the same serial number and product key
  • Product activates automatically on first launch in an Internet connection is available

Deployment Method:

  • An administrative image is used to install a consistent configuration of products on each computer
  • Products are installed silently on multiple computers connected to the Internet using a single serial number and product key
  • After the first computer activates the serial number and product key, activation occurs automatically for all othercomputers using this deployment, as long as they are connected to the Internet
  • Do not use NLM to manage product licensing