ITEC Entertainment’s Game Studio launches new mobile game

ITECITEC Entertainment’s Game Studio has launched Monstars of Rock Solitaire, a mobile app inspired by characters and stories created by the studio’s designers and visionaries.

The app has been inspired by characters and stories created by ITEC Entertainment’s own designers and visionaries. Users assume the role of wacky music promoter Mort Barker as they compete to promote and bring comical yet scary ghouls and zombies, reminiscent of dearly departed rock stars, back to life.


“Mobile entertainment through storytelling and gaming befits ITEC Entertainment’s legacy as pioneers of themed entertainment and the technologies that bring those guest experiences to life,” said ITEC Game Studio Director, Marc Plogstedt. “Mobile applications like Monstars of Rock Solitaire are exciting developments because they enable us to create brand extensions and new revenue streams for our clients,” he added.

Monstars of Rock Solitaire is a free solitaire game which contains over 90 fun and challenging levels to play. Users go ahead through immersive adventures, obstacles and quests.

Special rewards are given when levels are completed within specific time limits.

The game is currently available on Google Play.