Jon Cowley on FuseFX board as Sr.VFX supervisor


FuseFX has taken on board Jon Cowley as Head of Production and Senior VFX supervisor at its production facility in Vancouver.

The industry veteran with 18-year visual effects experience will oversee production activity at the facility lead its team of VFX Supervisors on projects including the television series Zoo and Mist.

“We are very excited to bring Jon Cowley on board as our new Head of Production and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor in Vancouver,” said FuseFX President David Altenau.

“He will be working closely with Executive Producer Wendy Lanning to lead the office and continue to improve and grow the studio,” he added.

Along with him, Cowley brings intense experience as a manager, supervisor and artist with credits including blockbusters namely Furious 7, TRON: Legacy, The Great Gatsby and District 9.

Most recently, he served as a client-side VFX Supervisor on the Netflix television series Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.