KFC surprises many by releasing animated short

Big Chicken

KFC, known primarily for its fast food but not for entertainment content, has recently surprised people when it released a new animated short titled Big Chicken Small Movie.

This is said to be its way of paying tribute to GA’s beloved 56-foot steel fowl Marietta. The short features a young boy who is a bit of an outcast, finding friendship in the giant steel chicken as they go on an adventure throughout North Georgia.

The creation of Big Chicken Small Movie and its release also coincides with a re-opening of ac last May 11, after a renovation that cost $2.2 million.

“The Big Chicken has been a local pop culture icon since 1963. There was a board game in the 70s and for years the Marietta History Museum’s most popular souvenirs have been Big Chicken shirts, ornaments and even bird houses.