Tuesday, February 19

KitBash3d to unleash live-streamed concept-art tournament- Kitmas Bash


KitBash3d, which creates premium 3D assets will unleash a live-streamed concept-art tournament called the Kitmas Bash from December 4 to15.


The tournament will be streamed every weekday morning at 10 a.m. PST between on http://www.kitbash3d.com/live on Twitch.

The tournament will begin with 20 contestants, chosen from entrants in KitBash3d’s #KB3Dcontest, held earlier this year.

The tournament will take place in rounds, with creative challenges developed by top industry artists including Beeple, John Sweeney, George Hull and others.

In each round, the artists will be able to win prizes from KitBash3d and the event sponsors will be Red Shift, GreyScaleGorilla and Fabrik.

When the tournament is reduced to the final four, players will be teamed up with all-star industry coaches who will mentor them through to the championship.

“We’ve crafted the tournament to mimic what it’s like working on AAA games and blockbuster films, where time is the most precious currency. During the different rounds, contestants will have anywhere from two to 24 hours to complete given tasks based on a brief,” said KitBash3d co-founder and matte painter Maxx Burman. Burman has worked on studio projects like Iron Man 3, Game of Thrones and Far Cry 5.