Lattu Kids teams up with Thought Cloud Studio to co-produce animated series Trigo


India has many successful animation IPs but most of them haven’t travelled to international markets. The country is known for its animation services but there’s no big success story of India in the animation industry. Keeping that in mind, a new studio has come up in town. The studio named Lattu Kids promises to fill this gap and see a development in the international markets.

The said studio has been formed by ex-Star India vice-president and head of content syndication, Vivek Bhutyani. It was only last November that he had made open his plan to venture into the OTT sector.

Now it seems like his vision is still in place. For the past few months, the man has been in the process of launching India’s first learning and development focused content streaming platform for kids Lattu Kids.

Lattu Kids is a fully integrated kid’s entertainment outfit which is based out of Singapore and India. It aims to produce and showcase the best International content in India and Southeast Asia.

Avers Bhutyani, “I have been passionate about kids’ content as I have a five-year-old son and while watching the various content available for kids these days, it made me realise that there’s hardly any content which impart values to kids. Seeing this gap, I decided to venture into the kids segment as this space has a lot of things which can be explored.”

To further fortify his vision, Bhutyani partnered with Bengaluru based animation studio, Thought Cloud Studio to co-produce an animated series Trigo.

Trigo is the story of a playful and adorable young tiger cub who loves to explore just about everything, often landing in troublesome situations. But thanks to the patience and understanding of his parents and well-wishers, Trigo emerges unscathed, a little wiser, though no less naughty.

Trigo is a 3D CGI series targeted at the pre-school segment which comprise of the three to seven year olds. Season One will comprise of 26 episodes, each episode will be of seven minutes.

The studios jointly decided to use India’s national animal Tiger as their character as they wanted to keep the Indian flavour present.

Been in the industry for the past three years, Thought Cloud Studio makes it a point to keep their content Indian but it meets the international standards.

“Basically the idea of coming out with Trigo is to cater to the children of three to seven year olds who can relate to the content as the stories will revolve around their daily lives. While stories have a fun element, it also imparts value as that’s what we thought was missing as most of the content around kids is around violence or slapstick comedy. We wanted to create content which is meaningful and relatable to parents and kids alike,” explains Bhutyani.

Along with Thought Cloud Studio, creative director, G Venugopal working on the IP, about 20 to 25 people are also creatively involved in this project. The FX and music has been produced in Chennai whereas the voiceover has been done by international voice cast.